Green Oil Inc. (GOI) was founded in March 2010, and is currently improving the environment by providing consumers with recycling needs for used cooking oil from restaurants in the GTA, and moreover Ontario.

GOI services restaurants, cafeterias and any organization that yields used cooking oil, and currently has approximately 3,500 partners in the GTA including some independent franchises, single and multiple owned, small and large restaurants.

GOI pays for and collects used cooking oil from restaurants and resells this product to recyclers to be processed as bio-diesel products, and sells used cooking oil as ingredients for animal nutrition and as a feed stock to bio-diesel producing companies to generate renewable energy.


To build a good workplace
To make a greater contribution to society
To keep earth green


We provide our customers with suitable storage, 55 gallon (approx. 200L) drums, 110 gallon (approx.400L) bins, 158 gallon (approx. 600L) bins, or 211 gallon (approx. 800L) steel bins which can be installed either inside or outside of the restaurant depending on the needs and the availability of the space.

Once the container has been filled with used oil, we offer regular or call-for-pick-up services to all of our partners.

For Restaurant Owners

We provide free storage depending on the availability of space in or outside of your kitchen and the quantity of used cooking oil the restaurant generates. Choose from 4 gallon (approx. 16L) pails, 55 gallon (approx. 200L) steel drums, 110 gallon (approx.400L) steel bins, 158 gallon (approx. 600L) steel bins, 211 gallon (approx. 800L) steel bins, and 264 gallon (approx. 1000L).


Green Oil Inc. is fully licenced by the MOE (Ministry of the Environment) for both ‘Waste Management Systems’ and ‘non-hazardous waste hauler (grease trap collection)’ with M.O.E.# 3079-8WDLB2