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Transforming Waste Oil Into Renewable Energy

Green Oil Inc. (GOI) is a used cooking oil recycling company where we transform the collected waste oil into valuable feedstock to renewable energy. Since we founded in 2010, our company has been rapidly growing by gaining positive reputation from our customers. We also believe that the services we provide are part of a broader shift occurring around the world, reducing greenhouse gas emission, and creating zero waste.


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To build a good workplace

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To make a greater contribution to society

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To keep earth green


Used Cooking Oil Collection

Every customer’s need is different, we listen to your concerns and we provide solutions. We can work with your managers for installation of a bin, scheduling for pickup, and payment method as you want.


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Grease Trap Cleaning


Grease Trap Cleaning

Regular cleaning of grease traps is important not only to avoid any fines or regulatory issues, but also help you maintain health, safety and hygiene for your employees and customers.


I was recommended to use Green Oil Inc. by a good friend of mine who is running 2 franchises. After 2 months of oil collecting service from Green Oil Inc. I must say, I am quite surprised by their quick service.

Kirby Vaz

Green Oil has been a pleasure to work with they are on time, reasonably priced and provide excellent service! Highly recommended!

J Kendal

Incredibly professional and handled my business with respect and proficiency. Would recommend it!

Dustin Lim
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Feel free to reach out via contact form below. Emergency pick up and grease trap cleaning service is available Monday to Saturday (for pickups on Saturday, please make a request by Friday morning).